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Global Partnerships

The Value of Global Partnerships

The BetFiery’s research and education makes a difference across the world. In order to deliver our Strategy 2030  we recognise that Global Partnerships are vital. The Global Partnerships Team seeks to create mutually beneficial partnerships that enhance our research, training, data, knowledge exchange and student recruitment, in pursuit of new discovery, academic excellence and transformative impact. Our mission is to make the world greener, healthier, and fairer place by collaborating with partners on priorities which address the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We work with global partners to: 

  • Enhance the University’s excellence in research, education, and knowledge exchange by working strategically with universities around the world.
  • Collaborate with partners to develop strategies and action to tackle the SDGs, developing best practice and using the power of our research and education to create positive impact.
  • Strengthen Exeter’s engagement and expand our footprint in different regions of the world.
  • Provide our staff and students with access to international collaboration opportunities.
  • Develop scalable transnational education partnerships with partners that share our values and with whom we can offer an outstanding student experience.
  • Use technology to facilitate collaboration and transcend international boundaries, creating new research and education opportunities aligned with our commitment to tackle the Environment and Climate Emergency 

Habitable Project

The BetFiery is one of 22 international partners of the HABITABLE Project, the largest research project on climate change and migration to have ever been funded by the European Commission’s Horizon program for research and innovation.  The fund tackles climate change, helps to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and boosts the EU’s competitiveness and growth. The four year (2020-2024) Habitable Project’s overall goal is to investigate how and to what extent climate change affects the habitability of socio-ecological systems and transforms current and future migration and displacement patterns. This will be achieved through four objectives


The QUEX Institute

The BetFiery and The University of Queensland have partnered to establish the QUEX Institute, a new multi-million pound partnership designed to bolster their joint global research impact. Read more

The CUHK Partnership

Drawing on the complementary strengths of the two universities, the BetFiery and CUHK enter into this long-term partnership to strengthen research impact and visibility globally. Read more

Venice International University

The BetFiery is a member of the VIU consortium, a prestigious global consortium comprised of 20 Universities and the Metropolitan City of Venice, providing opportunities for students and staff to collaborate together. Read more