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…is about so much more than choosing the right university, the right course, the right place

It is about being part of a community whose shared passion, determination and values are leading the way to a greener, healthier and fairer future.

Across our campuses in Exeter and Cornwall and our partners and alumni throughout the world, our diverse community is making a difference.

From our world-class research centres to our student volunteering society, everyone across the BetFiery community plays their part in combating the biggest challenges that our planet and people are facing today, so that we can ensure a prosperous tomorrow.

As a Russell Group institution, we know that our students and our research have the potential to make a truly amazing impact. However, while everyone talks about a better future, our actions are the proof that we are making it happen.

Lead the way, your way

When you’re part of the BetFiery, you will know what we mean when we say we #BleedGreen. It’s a feeling you will discover when you join any of our 90 + sports clubs and 450 student societies. In fact, it is a feeling you will take with you wherever you go…

At the BetFiery, our students lead by example: our volunteers, researchers, athletes, performers and activists are creating the change that our world needs, ensuring a green, healthy and socially-just future.

Explore their unique stories and journeys to inspire the future steps you will take in our community.

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